Dynamic Duo! G & G - Stuck on Blu! Base Coat & HK Girl Top Coat


Dynamic Duo! G & G - Stuck on Blu! Base Coat & HK Girl Top Coat

Get the perfect base coat and top coat for all your polish needs!

G & G Stuck on Blu!
Long Lasting, Stain Preventing and Sticky Base coat

Allow this base coat to fully dry approx 5-7 mins. then apply your favorite nail lacquer!

G & G HK Girl is a Super Shiny, Fast Drying Top Coat

It's crystal clear and has a high gloss finish
Smooths glitters, brightens holos!

Base Coat is meant to be used over nail treatments such as nail tek or nail envy.

(Top Coat Formula has slight variations in each batch, top coat can have a slight purple tint to it, this is the UV protection for non yellowing that varies from the manufacturer)

This Top Coat is 2 Free! (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin and no toluene, this product does contain Dibutyl Phthalate) Customers have the right to chose what products they use.

*Always use polishes in a well ventilated area*

Photo Credits: Caitlins Creative Corner, Lisa B, Caterina I and Babi C - Colorsutraa

Shipping Info!
We are a small shop, this top coat is in very high demand and we are processing orders as fast as possible. It's worth the wait!
5-7 business days for processing the order + 5-7 business days for 1st class shipping
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Tips and Tricks!
Prep the nail make sure it's free and clear of any of any oils, I always suggest using a lint free pad with rubbing alcohol. Let the nail plate dry for a min or so, then apply the Stuck on Blu! base coat in a very thin layer and allow it to dry completely. Next apply the colored polish letting each layer dry completely. Next apply a thin layer of HK Girl top coat to your dry mani, allow that to dry. Make sure to paint the top coat past the colored polish border/line and also paint the extension (free edge) also known as wrapping your tips. Once the 1st layer of HK Girl is dry you can add another layer and allow to dry. Often micro bubbling occurs when the polish has been shaken vs rolled between hands or when the layers of polish below the top coat are not fully dry or there are many many layers of diff. polishes. The top coat is not meant to dry the wet polish below it's meant to protect it.

Some other info that might be helpful.
Try switching the base coat...because everyone's body chemistry and nail plate and nail bed make up is just a tad different. (why some have thin nails or ones with ridges or ones that peel) not every product works for everyone. Some customers find due to there nail plate differences that they use Stuck on Blu! as a peel off base coat.

Try just using the top coat in thin layers and either no base coat or whatever others have worked for you.

Always paint top coat past the colored polish line and wrap the tips, best way to prevent shrinkage and improve tip wear time.

Most often with any quick dry top coat the # 1 reason for shrinkage is the polish layers below were not dry.

Don't use a fan or heat source near where you are using the protects and don't drip nail in ice water or under water...all of these cause bubbling and uneven dry times, therefore causing shrinkage, lifting and chipping.

(For a few customers this basecoat as acted as a peel off base coat which is great for glitters. For the majority of others it acts as a normal base coat) much of this is determined by one's body chemistry)