Glisten & Glow - Tranquility in Time


Glisten & Glow - Tranquility in Time

1 - Full size bottle .50 oz/15ml

Tranquility in Time - dusty, muted green creme

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(typically 2 coats is all that is needed, you may like to add a 3rd for longer nails)

*Official release is March 18th at 9pm est*

ALL polishes contain a 3-FREE (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene), cruelty free and vegan, uncut nail polish suspension base and stainless steel mixing balls. Some may contain glitter and other pigments. Some pigments may settle over time, it's best to give your polish a good shake or roll to redistribute the pigments evenly. Everything is hand blended in large batches so slight differences may occur from batch to batch. All swatch photos are taken by different bloggers and swatchers with different skin tones, lighting and angles. This can show the color to appear differently in photos